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Thread: Bokura ga Ita

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    Bokura ga Ita

    Vintage: July 2006
    Genre: Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life
    Info: AnimeNfo, ANN, AniDB, Official Site

    Anyone watching this? I think it's a little underappreciated by the American fans since in China, they have at least 5 groups fansubbing it and we only have 2 fansub groups doing the project with like 3 releases of the first episode. x_X

    It's a good show and after reading a few chapters into the manga, its storyline sets itself aside from the "generic shoujo" subgenre first impressions have given it.

    Any other views?

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    Re: Bokura ga Ita

    I don't find it that interesting, I found the first episode rather boring. The voice actor is definately not up to par because they are amateur seiyuu - I would like to see improvements in that area. Im gonna keep up with it for now, if nothing gets my interest then Im gonna drop the series.

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