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Thread: Boxtorrents now BakaBT

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    Boxtorrents now BakaBT

    First off, I have to make something clear: I will not link either site, since they host Licensed material, and neither should any of you, if someone does in this thread, they will get an automatic infraction, no warnings, regardless of how long you've been a member here.

    Do your own Google searching.

    Now, on to the news story (In spoiler tags since its quite long) :

     click to show spoiler

    Big news, considering that Boxtorrents (now BakaBT) was/is one of the largest Trackers (and arguably the place to go to get complete sets of any anime/manga/ost) for Anime out there (With the exception of maybe AnimeSUKI and Hongfire).

    I've been with the community there just about as much time as I have been here, so when I saw the site change and noticing that none of my torrents were working, I did a double take, then promptly changed my bookmarks and re downloaded my torrents.

    If you don't want to read the story above, here's whats happened in a nutshell:

    Boxtorrents was once supported by Advertisments. Those ads got infected by spyware and viruses, so they were taken down and the site was supported by donations only, and you could even increase your ratios by doing so. Box (Site founder) said that the donations would only go towards site upkeep.

    Curiosity of the staff, who have little contact with Box (Box did very little to maintain the site itself as well), got the better of them, and ran a script to see just how many donations were received (Based on ratio changes from donations, they don't have access to the paypal account that was used, only Box did).

    This ammount 'shocked' them, and the realization that Box was making a profit of their work lead to the creation of BakaBT.

    Thoughts? Reactions?

    I for one am glad that people are no longer being deceived out of their money.

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    Re: Boxtorrents now BakaBT

    Never used it myself but similar events like this have occurred before if I'm not mistaken.

    When dealing with illegal material such as this you often see the formation of a community, the age old idea to 'band together against the system'. But sooner or later someone will realise there's money to be made (through the use of donations). And that's usually when things spiral out of control.
    Let's see how BakaBT will fare...

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