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Thread: Bring Kenshin Back!

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    Re: Bring Kenshin Back!

    Indeed, I love Kenshin... Though I wouldn't want to see it revived... I agree with beast, it would kill the series. Dragging it on and on, full of filler... Icky. I love the series for what it is.

    I tried watching One Piece and just... Couldn't do it. However I did get into Detective Conan recently, and I am really rather enjoying it!

    Oh and thanks for the links, Len, as usual! ^.^

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    Re: Bring Kenshin Back!

    Toomani was good start to kenshin, but i think that that {adult swim} should show but kenshin fans will not get to see that because we all know how [AS] feels about anime in general..

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    Re: Bring Kenshin Back!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rurouni View Post
    As you may have guessed by my username, I am a huge Kenshin fan. I'm so excited to see that they're continuing the story of Fullmetal Alchemist from where the anime broke with the manga (at least, that's my understanding of what FMA: Brotherhood is all about) and I'm thinking: wow! That would be fricking fantastic to do with Kenshin! The manga had a much more satisfying ending and a better plotline.

    Pretty please someone in the know tell me that something new with Kenshin is going to happen soon or is already happening in Japan...!

    Kenshin really is indeed a great anime. but i think its best ended like that. having a really long series really destroys the show... but if really want to see it again, you could always start at the very beginning.

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