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Thread: Chaos;Head

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    For those that don't know what Chaos;Head is exactly, it is a visual novel created by Nitro+ (Creater of "Phantom of Inferno", "Saya no Uta", "Gekkou no Carnavale" and co-creator of "Blassreiter" is you have seen any of that) and is rated 15+.

    Here is the game's opening: YouTube - CHAOS;HEAD OP - Find the blue

    Wiki: Chaos;Head - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It has been announced that there will be a Fall season showing of this game in Animated form.

    Chaos;Head Computer Game to Get TV Anime - Anime News Network

    Here is the official Japanese website: ƒJƒIƒXƒwƒbƒh

    Who is looking forward to this as much as I am? And who can tell me what it says on the page of the last link ...? T_T

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    Re: Chaos;Head

    OMG!! Someone's talking about Chaos;Head???
    Okay actually it's just that I'm too scared to play the game = =" It's really gory and stuff... the visual and audio aspects of the game combines so perfectly to create the creepy atmosphere of the game @@" totally creeps me out
    It really should be rated 21+ I tell you....

    The official website for the game

    I think I remember parts of the story though. The main character (Taku...Taku what?? Okay I'll just call him Taku at the moment) is an otaku who really isn't good at socializing. The setting of the story is in Shibuya, Japan, which recently becomes a place for "New Generation Kyouki" (A series of really gory murders). So this "NEWGENE" becomes a hot topic on the TV, the net etc. One day a person called "Shogun" posted a URL on an online chat (with Takuya in it), which is a grotesque image of a dead body. This "Shogun" says to predict the next murder... and so it is. The next day, before Taku's eyes, a person was killed that same way in the image , and in front of the corpse stood a girl covered in blood.

     click to show spoiler

    Okay I admit it's really gross but I am still interested in how this story ends up XD~

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