imo It's a show for teens. But to be quite honest it's one of teh crappier shows I have seen during my time.
I mean seriously, the word is very strange and illogical (yeah yeah, anime, that's no excuse) for unexplained reasons.
The "humour" in the show consist of events like the main character turning the robot (pretty useless as a computer, those things could hardly have replaced normal computers) on by pushing the button found between her legs (might be fun if you are immature).
Now honestly, what kind of designer would put the on/off button there? Maybe the ones making sexbots, but this is supposed to be a computer.

I never finished the series, it just seemed "below" me. Like the kind of stuff you might snicker to if you are twelve.
To put it simply, it's a series made for immature teens (I hope) imo.

So no, I don't like it =/