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Thread: Code Geass on AS in 08

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    Code Geass on AS in 08

    Code Geass to Air on America's Adult Swim in Spring (Updated) - Anime News Network

    What is Code Geass you ask:
    Code Geass - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It seems AS has the replacement lined up for when Blood+ ends its run. Now we just need to wait and see if Bleach makes a come back after Death Note finishes its run.

    It always feels like AS is getting closer to doing away with anime, but then they always line up new series.

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    Re: Code Geass on AS in 08

    Well I can't wait. I seen it in subs so I hope the voice actors in the dubs are good as well. Otherwise it was a really good show to watch. Now mabey I can catch the last two eppisodes.
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