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Thread: Code Geass R2 DVD Vs TV

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    Code Geass R2 DVD Vs TV

    Quote Originally Posted by Sankaku Complex
    The DVD version of Code Geass R2 episode 18 (volume 7) has been roundly hailed by fans as an exemplary case of a DVD release being done right – the episode brings the animation quality up to a uniformly high level, where previously some doubts were in evidence amongst fans as to the quality.

    The comparison above, courtesy of 2ch, shows the changes in excruciating detail.

    These have been selected such as to highlight the changes in the most problematic scenes – clearly it is not wholly representative. These are all from episode 18; apparently 17 had no such severe revisions. Mecha designs were apparently all unchanged.

    Close examination will reveal all manner of subtle changes.

    Some characters even received a complete face-lift:
    [Click Images for larger sizes]

    How many of you are now going to buy the DVD's that weren't going to before?

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    Re: Code Geass R2 DVD Vs TV

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    I was going to purchase the DVD of Code Geass R2 regardless. It was just awarded a 'Notable' TV series award at the Tokyo International Anime Fair, matching the award that the first season garnered...

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    Re: Code Geass R2 DVD Vs TV

    of course i will. code geass is my new fav. anime. that is if i can find one here where i live.

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    Re: Code Geass R2 DVD Vs TV

    OMG I love this series sooooo much. I have seen all of it and would watch it a thousand times more.
    One of the best animes I have seen so far.
    Im starting to find Season 1 in stores over here in Auz.
    Which makes me want to go obsessively buy it.

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    Re: Code Geass R2 DVD Vs TV

    I doubt I will bought anything from Code Geass not my favorite but it was a good one.

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