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Thread: coolest character

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    coolest character

    which character do you think is the coolest character, it can be that tis person is just cool or this person is .. uh let say really cool as made out of ice or somthing.

    the coolest person i think is chad, not a fighter yet huge, just imagine if he was a boxer or on a footy team. if he was a boxer "WORLD CHAMP" so easily.

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    Re: coolest character

    hmmm the coolest character for me would be yuko from xxxHOLiC because she's a witch-a time-traveling witch who grants wishes
    Her personality is great and she's serious yet gets hangovers all the time

    She's something of a mentor for Watanuki (another character) but orders him around. Yeah, she's bossy.

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    Re: coolest character

    That's it. Enough with your favourite threads and vs threads for now "cantsenditback".

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