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Thread: copying?

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    Re: copying?

    they are not copying other anime but maybe they just improvised it on its own way i think...you know how hard is to make an original anime...

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    Re: copying?

    What I look at when I am considering to watch an anime is that the anime is is original, I don't mean that it is something that is grounding breaking or pure awesomeness, but rather how creative is the storyline. I could say that shuffle! is an rip off of tenchi muyo because both male leads have to decide which character he will choose, the thing that makes it original is that
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    which makes it have its own original take on a much traveled storyline, otherwise it can get pretty boring watching a show that is just like it's previous counterparts, where you can tell these people have the same old love triangle, or this guy is going to die and come back mysteriously in episode XX, and so on and so on. It doesn't matter if the art work looks the same or that the direction of the plot is the same as this show, what matters to me is if the story which is being told to me is actually entertaining me, am I at the edge of my seat wondering what is going to happen next, otherwise guess what, I'm going to watch something else, because in the end guess what I will be, the one to decide if blank is even worth my time, just like in tv, if you don't like it change the channel.

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