Hellooo all of yous magnificient manga and anime people ,
I'm a college student in need of some help
Basically, I've been interested in Japanese pop culture for quite a while now, so much so that I'm doing an independent project about manga and anime fans! I've made a short multiple choice questionnaire where manga and anime fans can tell me about their interest in the media. I would be SOOO grateful if anyone could spare the time to answer the questionnaire and I would love you forever
The questions are generally things like 'How far would you travel to get to an anime convention?', 'What, for you, are the attractions of Japanese pop culture?' and 'How were you introduced to manga/anime?' Nothing too complicated
I had to do the questionnaire in two parts because SurveyMonkey only let me put 10 questions on each survey , but it's easy to access the second part once you find one - just open it in a new tab or window before completing the first one
If you have 5 or 10 minutes to spare, pleassssseeeeeeeee click these links:
The first part of the questionnaire - Japanese Pop Culture 1B Survey
The second part of the questionnaire - Japanese Pop Culture 2B Survey
I can not thank you enough for reading this and taking the time to complete the questionnaire - and it's all totally anonymous!