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Thread: D. Gray Man

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    Smile D. Gray Man

    I didnt see a D. Gray Man form so i decided so i made one enjoy please no spoilers but i would like you to put your favorite character and thats it aslo just talk about the show have fun and my favorite character is Yu Kanda.

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    Re: D. Gray Man

    Ah D.Gray-man...
    I love the serie..
    Mine favo characters are...
    Yu Kanda cause even when he acts cold he has a soft side...
    Lenalee cause she is such a sweet girl and helps out whenever she can and doesnt easily give up...
    And Lavi..I just love this boy cause he has a good humour but can be serieus too...
    Allen is a cool character too but I do not have him as a real big favo..
    But I like him too cause he cares a lot and he would put his life in danger for his friends even for Kanda while he treats him not so nice....
    Well that's mine...^_^...
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    Re: D. Gray Man

    i think i has been made this threat?

    ah..okay...forget it..


    NUMBER 1 !!!!!!

    and my fave charas.....

    1. Lavi....he's my type !!!! absolutely MY TYPE!!!!...(and Suzumura-sama did him ^^)
    2. Allen.....i luv him too....he's quite funny and cool.....and I luv his Crown Clown XDDD
    3. Lenalee.....ah...I love the way she think sbout friends....I agree with her ^^...and she's strong ^^
    4. Fou...uhm..i just love her...dunno why but i think she's cute ^^..and funny XDD

    ugh..sadly the anime was ended TT^TT.....

    I hope Hoshino-sensei is okay ==

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