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Thread: "Death Note" on [adult swim]

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    "Death Note" on [adult swim]

    So starting tonight [AS] will start airing at midnight tonight, "Death Note", for its Saturday night segments.

    Slightly over 2yrs since the first volume of the manga hit the shelves in the US the 37 episodes of the anime that finished airing in Japan has finally made it over.

    Any thoughts and anticipation towards the series? For those that have read the entire manga series do you think that there would be any alterations to the story if you havent watched the anime yet? As for those people that have already watched the anime do you have any comments on how it turned out? (DO NOT GIVE OUT SPOILERS!! USE A "SPOILER" TAG IF YOU MUST!!)

    Also any thoughts on if you think the live-actioned "Death Note" movie will hit the US as well or even an US remake of the live-action movie?
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    Re: "Death Note" on [adult swim]

    I haven't seen the anime nor the movie but I've read the manga. It's really good at the start but I kinda got bored with it around the middle...

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    Re: "Death Note" on [adult swim]

    I've have seen both of the movie already and never have seen the anime before. I'm have also read the manga and Death Note is quited good. Well, I don't have seen the anime yet but I think it have more stories into it.

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    Re: "Death Note" on [adult swim]

    I just watched the first episode on tv! I loved it! I always have! Well i have the manga too it! and that was prity good! Also I heard it was only like 28 episodes long or something like that!
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    Re: "Death Note" on [adult swim]

    Sorry Shinu but there is already a thread about Death Note coming to Adult Swim in the Death Note Section
    Death Note Is Coming To Adult Swim

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