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Thread: The Decline of Children's Anime

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    The Decline of Children's Anime

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    The Hollywood reporter has a interesting web article on the decline of children anime programs in Japan due to competition from video games and other children's entertainment venues...

    According to Video Research Ltd., animated shows in the late 1970s and '80s regularly attracted audience ratings in the 30% bracket and above -- with titles such as "Speed Racer," "Atom Boy" and "Gundam" leading the pack -- but that percentage had fallen to a mere 6.2% in 2001 and just 3.6% last year.
    Japan animation losing its draw: The Hollywood Reporter

    Considering that this category includes 'Golden Time' (Prime Time Family Hour) programs such as 'Once Piece', 'Naruto' and 'Bleach', what does this really say about the future of these kinds of programs???
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    Re: The Decline of Childrens Anime

    it says that people are intrested in a more
    child oreinted them that has more plot than
    the random action show like gundam ,or naruto
    because of the violence.

    parents are showing more concern with what
    there kids are watching and because of this the
    future looks bleak for shows that arn't up to the
    parents standerds , though there aree stil big draw
    in by those other shows because some kids sneak
    and watch the show or there parents might have
    been into anime there selves.

    thats just what think though it could be
    anything but thats is probably more of whats
    happening than anything
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    Re: The Decline of Childrens Anime

    i think it's becuz TV in itself is not very family friendly these days...

    back in the 90s, family movies were the highlight of the decade... however, people thought they grew out of those movies, thinking they were too "mature". in turn, they raise their kids to think that way and will not let them be kids. so, the children want to watch a bunch of action, even though they don't know what's really going on... becuz that's what their parents let them watch...

    a five-year old may be obssessed with Yu-Gi-Oh, but if you ask him... he will not know the plot of the show, or even most of the characters names. all they see is the flash and the action... and as they get a little older, that's all they come to expect from shows, flash and action...

    and since anime is gaining more ground in the US, that's all kids want to watch. that's not bad, it's just that (at least in America) creators are dropping their style and going for anime since that seems to be making money...

    i'm sad, personally... lots of good shows back in the day, but that's not what kids want to see nowadays, becuz they think they're adults by the time they're 10... and that doesn't bode well for the future...

    p.s.: i'm sorry if this doesn't really pertain to the topic at hand...

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    Re: The Decline of Childrens Anime

    Decline? I say "evolution". Why? The times are another. In our times we believe in some things. Today the childrens don't believe in the same thing. Example: In my country until the 10 years old we believe in Santa. Today the childs believe in Santa until 6 or 7. On the past we don't have cellphone, iPods, HD videogames and another stuff. Today is more common find a child with cellphone than an ordinary adult without it.

    For the same reason, all the things directed to the kids needs to evolve. To us (and more if you are parents) the actual animes are more violent, stranges or similar. But our kids enjoy with them as same we done in the past.

    This is my opinion.
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    Re: The Decline of Childrens Anime

    well...i say its a good thing...because anime is evolving into adult content...Besides they still have Pokemon and Digimon
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    Re: The Decline of Children's Anime

    I just think its more proof that as the world is getting older children are getting older at a younger age. In comparison to when we were kids the loss of innoncence is happening a lot younger so their entertainment is reflecting that....It's actually pretty sad when you think about it

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