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Thread: Definition of a True Anime Fan

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    Re: Definition of a True Anime Fan

    I define an anime fan as: Someone who likes the genre and not jsut one show (or any number of shows for that matter). If you like Anime itself then you are an anime fan.

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    Re: Definition of a True Anime Fan

    Oh, please. A true anime fan wouldn't even be posting to this thread, they would trying to watch, download, buy, or create something anime related. I don't have time for this kind of talk, I'm getting back to my anime collection.

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    Re: Definition of a True Anime Fan

    True anime fan...

    Well as it has been stated, a true anime fan is someone who watches different animes, can tell you what each one they watch is about, can seperate hobby and life, and just having a passion or love for the stuff. And I agree with it all. It isn't just one either, but a combination of all of these qualities.

    BTW: I just finished watching 3 episodes of Fruits basket, 8 of Naruto, and looking at a couple of others. I could probably tell you everything that happened in each one too (that is if you ask me now). ^_^ I'm taking a break, mega To clearify... About 6 hours of anime

    After thought: Oh!!! And a true anime fan is willing to share their knowledge of anime with others and introduce them to it!!!
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    Re: Definition of a True Anime Fan

    *All genres of people may include other forms of fanhoods and not wholelly focus on anime, unless if noted otherwise.

    A person who likes anime is willing to drabble with it and watch a few episodes here and there for entertainment, and maybe collect figurines, toys, and games of his/her favorites.

    An anime fan is willing to watch what's been put up on TV, watch the animes their friends gave them, and buy a few here and there for themselves, but mostly uses torrents and etc to download them legally/illegally (depending if it's been localized)... or maybe just watches them online. They usually don't have a collection of figurines, toys, and games, they usually stick to just the anime.

    An anime fanatic is close to being an otaku, but is rejected by otakus for the lack of knowledge they have. These guys thrive on whatever information is tossed their way, like a pack of rabid dogs being given leftovers. They leech off of other people's animes and websites, claiming they are the true anime fans as they start up huge collections and attend every convention they can go to, while cosplaying to no end in either pre-made outfits or horrible self-made... they also use "kawaii" and "sugoi" to the point where you just want to punch them in the face. Like most otakus, they believe Japan is the greatest place in the world, and believe that all other forms of animation can go straight to hell. They also believe that they are somewhat asian, even if they're white as a ghost.

    A true anime fan is a person who respects and accepts both old and new animes. They keep the classics, old-schoolers, groundbreaking, and genre-defining old animes to heart, knowing that is what made animes what they truly are now, while trying to find a good original or entertaining one in the future and present. They have a moderate-to-extreme collection of anime merchandises, but it usually sticks to one genre. They are well-versed in their anime information, but don't brag of it. And of course, they usually stick to the legal way of obtaining animes, in a way to SUPPORT the hard-working animators.

    An otaku is a thing that feeds off of anime like a blackhole. While mostly unwanted by the general populace of anime fans, they are the necessary evil that seems to be getting an imbalanced upper-hand these days. They believe they are the true definition of what an anime fan is, not realizing their twin ancestor who still lives in Japan is an unwanted and sickening race that is jealous of the acceptance of otakus outside of Japan. Most times, these people talk big, but can act big too. They can sometimes make extremely elaborate costumes, but no matter what they do: They can never seem the part. Even when thousands of people praise them for their knowledge and skill, there is no better form of a creature who doesn't have a life. These creatures cannot live without anime, believing at times that ANIME IS WHAT MAKES JAPAN and that only true fans eat Pocky all the time and drink Ramune. They also believe that speaking in little slurs of Japanese to waitresses in Japanese restaurants make them seem cool. Like anime fanatics, they believe their personality is like that from a character in one of their favorite animes... truth be told, they're in a form of denial, not realizing that their true selves are childish, weak creatures. Though skilled and intelligent, they waste their talents on things that do little to improve the world around them that they so despise (they do not realize they can make a difference with their skills)..... these creatures are to be only approached when calm. Do not attempt to feed them or indulge them in their fantasies (don't talk too much anime to them). They are as dangerous as they seem weak.

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    Re: Definition of a True Anime Fan

    I think a true anime fan is someone who truly has a passion for it. Someone who loves and needs anime in order to be.....complete. Someone who allows anime to be apart of thier lives to a significant level.

    A fan is a person who enjoys all sorts of anime and who has seen more than like, two shows. A fan is a person that will not stop watching anime because some ppl may ridicule them for it. Thats what i personally think.

    You don't have to be an all out possessed anime fanatic to be considered a fan. Just understand the shows your talking about and be able to have an intelligent discussion about it.

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    Re: Definition of a True Anime Fan

    A true anime fan, to me, is someone who enjoys the things they watch(meaning anime, but not exclusively) and are passionate 'bout it. Simple as that. At least for me.

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