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Thread: Describe your favorite Anime Genre!

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    Re: Describe your favorite Anime Genre!

    I really like romance because like seeing how they deal with real life situations and making it easier to understand a persons feelings. But i can't just read it like that it has to have some type of action/fighting or supernatural/magic in it to really keep me in the story because i like the suspence.
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    Re: Describe your favorite Anime Genre!

    Science Fiction with or with out mechs all the way for me. I can't explain much because all I know is I like that genre. Badassery at its finest my friend.
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    Re: Describe your favorite Anime Genre!

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    Re: Describe your favorite Anime Genre!

    Quote Originally Posted by anime_being_god View Post
    I tend to like a lot of action in my anime. Although i too like anime that seems to drag on like Inuyasha for example.But im not into the complex stuff to much.

    I am totally agree with this reply.I'm a big fan of anime's.

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    Re: Describe your favorite Anime Genre!

    Quote Originally Posted by shanewatts95 View Post
    I am totally agree with this reply.I'm a big fan of anime's.
    of course your a big fan of anime, why else would you be here? lmao
    BTW, that post you replied to was from me in 06'....im more into the complex stuff now, like Stien's Gate. If you fellows never watched it, you have been missing life.

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