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Thread: desperately looking for paticular film.......

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    Question desperately looking for paticular film.......

    Ok first of i want to apologize if this has been asked before but i tryied looking for what i need but i couldn?t find it here....

    Again really sorry....

    I need the title of a paticular film from way back in the 80?ties i believe, i cant tell you much because i dont remember much from it but here is what i do remember :

    It starts with a crash of a ship of some sort and the pilot/alien is found nearby by a teenager who helps him back inside the ship where he continues to talk to the teenager warning him not to move. The pilot/alien then procides to activate something and the kid is hit/affected by this and is transformed into something with superpowers.

    That?s it.... that is all i can recall. I know it?s not much but iv? tried for years to narrow it down and at some point it thought it was Ultraman because i also saw ultraman around the same time. But Ultraman doesn?t start out that way and it doesn?t mean they are from the same time period....

    I can?t even give you a title because first of all i?m danish and the danish title i don?t recall either (i know, a mind like swiss cheese)....

    I really REALLY hope someone can help me with this predicament that has haunted me for so many years by now.......

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