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Thread: digimon

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    Re: digimon

    I remember Digimon Kairi and Gatoman were my favs.
    A few months ago my brother and I were cleaning up our shed and we went through our old stuff. I got the toys box xD and found my brothers figures of Pattamons ultimate form and um...Agumons second form ^^;; (my parents did the 'your a girl so we buy you girl toys')
    I think it's the third season...the one where Kairi keeps a camera around her neck instead of a whistle? That rectangular device they all had, I found one in my old box.
    I can't believe I ever forgot about Digimon. I loved that series so much when I was younger.
    Thanks so much for bringing back great memories!
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    Re: digimon

    yeah i still remember the anime digimon but it was the original series that i liked you know the one they first came out with and the last series was pretty cool as well and i was more in to the dark side of the series but i still liked it.
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    Re: digimon

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