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Thread: Do you love or like anime a lot?

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    Do you love or like anime a lot?

    I do a lot.

    what about you?
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    Re: Do you love or like anime a lot?

    Er . . . I think the mere fact that we are on this site indicates a liking toward anime.

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    Re: Do you love or like anime a lot?

    I LOVE ANIME A LOT ....... >_<
    anime like a friend when you angry or sad he enjoy you and make you laugh or cry ........ and the anime make you know a lot love story's comedy and action and mystery and every thing and it make you live in another world ....... world you can find every thing in it ...... and if there anyone doesn't love anime ..... you should watch and discover what i mean by ..... anime like a friend ....... and anime like world for you..... ^_^

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    Re: Do you love or like anime a lot?

    There is...
    1) No need to attach a truckload of images to every post.
    2) No need to put multiple links to images in your post.
    3) No need to use that GIANT PURPLE FONT
    4) No need to ask this question on an anime site.


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