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Thread: Does Anyone Know This Anime? Help Here, Please...

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    Does Anyone Know This Anime? Help Here, Please...

    *sigh* ... Does anyone know this anime? Umn... Maria Watches Over Us. I need some help. I like this anime and I want to download every episode of this anime series with English sub. But I don't know where can I find the download site for this anime. Help, AO members, anyone, if you know where I can find and download(from a site) the anime Maria Watches Over Us epsds, please tell me.
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    Re: Does Anyone Know This Anime? Help Here, Please...

    It's called "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ("Mariamite" for short)

    Maria-sama ga Miteru - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It has been completely dubbed into English for distribution in Southeast Asia on the satellite anime station ANIMAX. It starts in March.

    As far as I know, it isn't liscenced (probably due to it's lesbian content and that it's about as interesting as watching ameobas race)

    I won't tell you where you can get it, since it isn't mine to give out (it is still copyright, liscenced or not)... but if you're enterprising, I suspect it won't be too difficult in a search engine (as long as you have the right keywords).

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