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Stolen...aww that sucks, i've been lucky so farm the expenisve bit if geting DVD versions of some of my Subed VHS tapes...Ahh the good old days, black magic 88, Bubblegum crisis...but you gotta love Dominion tank police, a toxic chicago i think it was, that needed a tank police in the first place...love to see a live action tv show around that ideal, maybe make it LAPD tank police...lord knows we could really use it here now...
LOL, that would be great! "Law and Order: Tank Police"

BTW, I was listening to the Tank Police theme song the other day, and a random quote came in to my head, "You'll be pleased to know that these samples came from perfectly healthy human beings!" "It's still piss, whatever it's origin!!" LOL! Best line ever!