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Thread: dubbed or subtitled?

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    dubbed or subtitled?

    okay here's the deal... do you like to watch anime that is dubbed, or one where you have it in japanese and read the subtitles.
    (please follow rules... you know the drill... say why)

    ehem... I personally like to watch anime when it's subtitled rather than when it is dubbed. I think it's because i get to hear their authentic voices in the act... plus the fact that my country doesn't know how to choose the proper voices for the characters...

    like when they dubbed samurai x and pokemon in filipino, boy were their voices so gross, hideous, nauseating, and downright annoyingly wrong!

    -thats all- haha :P ^^,
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    Re: dubbed or subtitled?

    There's already a similar thread topic at Anime Controversy Questionnaire

    Please check for duplicate topics before posting.

    Closing thread...

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