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Thread: Editing an Anime

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    Editing an Anime

    Here's what I mean by the title: What if you had the power to edit your favorite anime show? Would it be a complete overhaul, or just a small part? Why would you do it? And what anime would you decide to change?

    Above all, though: WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!

    In my case, i would change a very small part of the final episode of Neon Genisis Evangelion. The scene where Shinji comes to his senses and everyone congratulates him. When I saw Asuka having compassion for Shinji, I always thought it was out of character. So the only thing i would change is Asuka's line.

    Instead of being happy and congratulating Shinji, i would have her be angry and say "Go f**k yourself!"

    What about you?
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    Re: Editing an Anime

    ummm i haven't think in that before ...

    but i will change the end of Scrapped Princess *thinking* i am not a bad girl but i really wish if they killed pasifeca in the end the end was so silly when they all lived happily just like that XD , i like romance ending or happy ending but i see it will be more nicer if they killed her XS , i feel bad ... =^_^=
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