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Thread: Ergo Proxy and the like (Dark Anime series)

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    Ergo Proxy and the like (Dark Anime series)

    well i just started watching anime again (after about 2-3 years hiatus)
    and as i was googling anime online i found this site called <reference remove> and within the site i found this ****ing awesome anime called Ergo Proxy. i watched all available eps and i hunger for more.

    so, does anyone know any other anime that has a similar storyline to ergo proxy? thats more my type of anime =P.
    oh and somewhat new too.


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    'Ergo Proxy' is licensed by GENEON USA, with the first DVD coming out in December. Details are in the thread announcing the official website... Ergo Proxy Website is Up (well sort of...)

    If you want suggestions on other Dark anime series, there's 'Speed Grapher', which we have a current thread topic going here... Speedgrapher A.k.a. Speed Grapher

    There's also the award winning series 'Gankutsuou' the Sci-Fi remake of 'The Count of Monte Cristo'... GANKUTSUOU--THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO: GENEON USA Website

    That should be enough suggestions to get this thread going... I'll leave it to other members to mention the various 'vampire' genere and 'cyberpunk' genre series....
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    Dark? If you haven't seen Gilgamesh, you must. Fancy cell animation style. Not like too much else. This series is very dark, from begining to end with a very serious atmosphere. Not to mention a very fresh plot.

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    Well, i bought "The Count Of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou" and overall it was a good seriese, alltho i wasnt touched by it as i was with elfen lied, but there different generes i belife. It was a nice and somehow pritty/medium deep anime.

    I wont spoil too much, but both sides are in the wrong, one is more wrong than the other (Ferdinand^^)

    AS to ergo proxy, as i am not sure whether it is Cyber Punk or not, i have started watching it, on ep. 4 now. It seems really dark of which i am not a big fan, but it is pritty "WTF" sometimes, but its not streight cyber punk i think, alltho i havent experienced 100% cyber punk before, and only on ep 4.

    My question is, is it cyber punk? cause i do not enjoy being WTF all the time.

    I recommend u watch Gankutsuou, if your into that kind of stuff, alltho it isnt as dark as Ergo, but it comes decently close. Some graphics when i 1st watched it was crazy :P their outfits.

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    Ergo Proxy?
    Try Witch Hunter Robin. It starts slow but gets better as time passes.

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