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Thread: Evangelion Fan Movie Script Take a look!

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    Post Evangelion Fan Movie Script Take a look!

    Hey this is the script I have finaly put togather. It needs extreme grammer checking and it needs to be made into script format.

    Its really cool tho. I was geeting some ideas from Fanfics forum. Theyt are good fanfiction writers.

    This is Misatos Car.

    This film is going t0o be fun! I cant wait to film it.

    Let me know what you think.

    Ok it starts off showing misato (Not in uniform casue we dont have the uniform yet. Limebarb wants 400$ for it and we dont have the money yet) riding in a car talking to someone on a cellphone and she pulls into a coffe shop and takes some coffe'. She goes to a apartment complex to meet someone she was conversing with over the phone. She has an attitude with the person on the phone but clears i up with coffe' of course.

    When she drives to the parking spot she steps out of the vehicle. She walks up to the building and goes inside. There is an elevator with a guy in a suit standing there. He comes by her swifting her some papers.

    The next scene is probably going to be some kind of animated scene or something and then it shows her watching the knews at some kind of desk or something and she is looking at a mission brief from SEELE (Forgot spelling but i think its right). She is going over some nerve papers (its somewhat dark out now).

    It explains a few things about the previous REI catastrophy. She is looking it over and sees the bill and she says,

    "hmmm...... " picks up the phone and calls Gendou Ikari's assistant, His assistant says, "what did you find from the information from seele, I know you read it even though you are never suppose to but spill it Katsuragi." She reply's" oh nothign much just stuff about Rei and the electricity bill but other than that, there only cutting the budget.."

    He says "Alright, well make sure you put them in the mail while your in idaho. We can't afford anymore screw-ups for You OR Mr. Vendester." "Also theres one more thing, Mr. Vendester is hiding something from NERV Head Quarters and I dont know what it is but anything hidden coming from ASAG (Mr. Vendesters Corp.) isnt good. Expecially after the first impact, Vendester has been giving Gendou his routine of ignoring file requests on the North Pacific Clientell Group. (NPCG) Misato?" Mistao)): "Immmm Lissseninggg' "

    You had better be, this is classified. (Something slams outside her door) Check your mailbox outside, I have sent you specific orders from Gendou. Goodbye, " ((Misato: "Wait one more thing, budget cuts on 4billion now goood byeeeee" Wait misato! Misatooo! :::Click::::

    Ohhh lets see what they want now.

    ((Open doorr causialy,)) ::Cling:::: Hmm.. (Across envelope it reads Classified, NERV)

    "Oh boy havent had one of these in a while. It better not be,..... ((REads the paper pulling it out))

    Damnit Gendou! Ohhhhhhhh! Just when im starting to enjoy myself.... Well... hes going to pay me back for this..

    ((REads the rest, )) ::CLassified, Infetrate ASAG and find Hasigar's portfolio cabinet. It should be located in section B to the right of the stairwell. You should find Mr. Vendesters Office there. He will be gone for an hour or two but you have to make it quick seeing he may be back anytime. You should have approximetly a 4 minute timezone once you open that cabinet. There is a saftey lock but the key we provided you with has a sliding censor on it. Upon openning the cabinet the saftey lock will be activated 5 minutes untill allarm. Then you had better be outa there. Vendester is a son of a bitch when it comes to his office. Your fake NERV id should get you threw secrutiy.

    Mr. Vendester leaves at 1600 tomarrow. Be there or be sorry. Godspeed Misato Katsuragi.

    ------------NERV STAMP------------
    0`101110`0010110`10 //


    RRR you owe me gendou ((Showing just the right side of her face and nose enfisizing lips.))

    Black out fade out--
    -- ---

    Ok Day Two Shoot.


    Infiltration. Misato Katsuragi pulls around to a parking lot at 4:30 and gets out of her car. The time frame is open for 1 hour. She needed to come late to repress suspicion. Misato walks up to the building with glasses and a fake ASAG ID Card and enters the building walking right through security. Eyescanner, and steps through each doorway left foot forward and the whole time she uses a professional look on her face. OIne gaurd she goes by bumps into her as if he knew what she were doing. Misato give a glance and turns down hallway towards the stairwell and heads up to sector B. Secotr B is right in front of her and she check a small pocket pc she had brought with her. just a flash glance kinda look, next the actor will bust through the door in a quick motion holstering gun towards the right leaning left in a swift motion as if she were a highly trained super soldeier, switches positions from time to time facing door and then unlockes with the saftey key and leaves the key in the door.

    The door timer goes off so she knows that key will only mislead the alarm for 4 min.

    Quickly she puts her gun in the right side of her outfit, she moves over to the desk searching for the cabinet in Herasidors office and a security gaurd walks by looking for her. She stops what she is doing and leave the expression on her face, scared, Yikes, Oops, and Close one all at once. The actor must show perficiency in these motions. She starts looking over the desk to see when the gaurd past. She knows she doesnt have long so the moves quickly in a quite manner. Opens the cabinet. The time is reset on the key now that the cabinet has sent a new signal to the same line the door operates on so she now has 4 more minutes. She puts the tiny plashlight in between her teeth and starts going threw the paper document folders. She finds one on scientific research from ASAG and Hyga. She takes the paper and right before she leaves, she notices another document. The actor must show the correct emotions and show this in a quick flick like she was meaning to leave immediatly like pulling away quickly but she catches something of interest. It is a portfolio on Gendou Ikari, Futsuki, Doctor Akagi, Yui Ikari, and Shinji Ikari.

    ::Misato:: - "What teh' hell? (Quitely)"

    Misato then takes that portfolio as well. she is running out of time. The gaurd finds out the stairwell door was left open and the gaurds are conversing right outside the door. Security is getting nawtorius. She hides behind the desk crawling towards the door. Two of the gaurds leave and one is left standing there. The alarm is about to go off!

    She gets up, camera showing the right side of her to catch her and the gaurd on the outside and security walking away down the hallway. She runs out in a quick manner like a dash. A pencil falls off the desk she was hiding under, She made two mistakes, she left the cabinet open, and she had turned the keyboard 63 degrees clockwise. she heads around the corner for the stairwell and notices the gaurd turn around. Bam! The alarm goes off!

    The gaurd turnes around,

    ::Gaurd: - "Hey!

    Misato slams the door and braces it with something she found there. The actor must have a concentrated look on her face. As if she was a highly trained super soldier. These elements are crucial because we again, are trying to enfisize Misato and what she has done before hand.

    I guese we can call it a kind of secret agent type of action. She runs down the stairwell and securtiy is running up the stairwell. , SHE freaks turns around and runs up the stairwell after kicking security down falling over themselves.

    :::Security::: - "GET HER!"

    She runs back up past secotr B right when they are busting through the door. So now she has 5 people runing after her up the stairs, she is dropping pens that they are falling on, tripping. She is frantic opens the top door and BAM! there are 4 gaurds there and Mr. Vendester is standing there, Big tell storng and professional.with 2 gaurds holding her at submachine gun point;.

    After she opend the door and stepped in, left foot first stopping on right foot then the other 5 guards met up with her behind her standing there with beat sticks. Actor must have the giving up look on her face at this point. Security must have the agsosted look, Vendester must have the gevil grin, i caught you from stealing look, with glasses on of course. Gaurds at gun point must have the alright we gott her sir look on there face. They stand there looking at each other and Misato looks behind her and then looks ahead.

    ::::Mr. Vendester:::: - "Well well well... What do we have here? Mii...''' (INTERUPTION)


    A abscrured person opens a door really quickly right next to Mr. Vendester and the two gaurds (One gaurd is a woman). The person is whering full black with glowing goggles and a stack of stuff in his arms.

    Looks at misato and the gaurds standing behind her. MR. Vendester is like Grab them now!

    Misato is like, this is my chance, and makes a mad face and slams the door behjind her knocking the gaurds down the staircase Again! They fall down one by one on top of eachother like ooh! ahh!!!!!! and fall backwards swinging there arms to keep from fallign backwards. The door shuts, at the same time that is happening, Camera 2 Is rolling on the mysterious person in black as he or she whips vendesters gaurds and Vendester with some kind of whip at the same time setting off some kind of smoke, causing everyone to be on there knees caughing. Misato runs past vendeseter and his gaurds down the hallway lead by the black mysterious person. It shows Mr. Vendesters kneelean towards the wall coughing and his glasses crucked, smoke all around and he looks down the hall with his hankerchief over his face, sayin

    ::VENDESTER:: - "Ahhhhh Get theeeem now!!!!!!, If they get away ill have your hea... uk uk go! go! guuh....!!!"(Coghing!)
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    Re: Evangelion Fan Movie Script Take a look!

    The gaurds get up and run after them down the hallways. The camera fallows misato from behind as she runs threw the building frantically to get to the bottum floor. By now the security isnt at the front door anymore giving misato a free "Out" pasageway, She runs busting the door open while the person in black is no where to be scene exect for up at the side of the builing where he leaps out of the window with a glider flying away. Misato doesnt see that but there are gaurd falling over eachother to get out of the front door and there is smoke seeping out from the Secotr B- Windows.

    Misato is in the car and drives away sqweeling the tires. The Actor Misato Does not have a drivers license so she cannot drive the vehicle. The camera will show her getting inside and then it will change to the other side of the car while it watches her drive away. Then it switches back to Mr. Vendester outside looking dirty and beat up somewhat with his hankerchief in his hand and he looks mad and depressed knowing a robbrey took place and he didnt catch them.

    AS she is driving away, It will show her in the car with a green cover over the outside oif the window as she pretends to drive and the green window will be replaced by a fly by of digital footage so it gives the illusion she is driving.

    :::Misatopicks up cellphone or car phone::: "I got the papers and there is something y0ou gotta see."

    The papers explain how Vendester is hiding the fact that ASAG has been keeping important angel activity information from NERV and that another attack could take place sometime soon. This event also triggers gendou to force the experiment of REI and her Evangelion which end up in Gendou burning his hands and REI seriously injured in which will completely explain what happens in the Movie. The other folder misato grabbed explains some history of Shinji /Ikari and Gendou Ikari thus she takes it to her apartment and reads it. Also some thing it said about Shinji being seriously mental and such from being spyed on at school and same with Gendou and Yui.
    ::Thinking Misato:: - "What interest would they have with The Ikari Family?

    The reason is that YUI Had fused with the Evangelion Unit 01 in the creation giving her life in the making to spring the monster to life in which no one will know that the desition she made would save the world.

    Also, since the mother had been fused with the creature Eva 01 and Gendou's kid being seriously troubled It would make Shinji Ikari the perfect Candidate for the piloting of evangelion. Evangelion can also only fuse with minds under 20 yr's of age thus is why Shinji Pilots the Evangeion in the Movie.

    Evangelion Live ACtion Script, -Before the Movie, Movie.

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    Re: Evangelion Fan Movie Script Take a look!

    if I see this again I shall give you a warning I have warned you about this before that this material is for your journal or the fan fiction area


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