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Thread: Fate Stay Night

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    Re: Fate Stay Night

    I'm already have seen this anime for a long time ago, well he never did learned anything about magic expect but the simple he always used to fix think with. Magical and Romance

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    Re: Fate Stay Night

    Quote Originally Posted by LichGRIFFIN View Post
    Hi AO comrades ... i've just finished watching "Fate Stay Night" yesterday .. so i decided to create a thread about it .. i want to see how many of you people know this anime ... if i did see enough number of fans i'll be asking DB to create a sub-forum for it ... so everyone who likes the show plz post ... i liked the ending and the main idea of heroes coming in a second life at the form of servant serving in a built masters battle ....
    Fate/Stay Night is my all time Favorate Anime sofar my favorate servent is Rider she is a total badass in terme of fighting style and attitude who agrees
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    Re: Fate Stay Night

    Inactive threads, which have not been posted in for 1 month or more, should not be revived. They are considered dead.

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