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Thread: Favorite Anime Fight 2

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    Favorite Anime Fight 2

    From the quick to the multi episode, anime is all about the fighting. But what is the number display of martial skill or the most fitting wielder of weapon or fisticuffs. From life takers to heymakers, we salute you.

    I would have to say Muroga Hyouma Vs. Koshiro. The least ninja of the ninjas at least from a philosophical perspective. Muroga really showed how tough he was taking on the one opponent his jutsu would not work on. And almost managaed to win. Plus he taught Gennosuke from the time he was little and is responsible for getting him to the point he was at. His desire for peace didn't get in the way of his development of martial ability.

    Koshiro sends his kama into flight.
    Muroga ducks and comes in with blade,
    But the Kama's are back to Koshiro's aid.
    Muroga's ear flies into the night.
    All that is heard is him say he made a mistake.
    Still standing he joins the same ranks as lives he helped take.

    Rest In Peace Muroga Hyouma

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    Re: Favorite Anime Fight 2

    takamura vs hawk hajime no ippo new challenger was just such an amazing fight
    what does it mean to be strong

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    Re: Favorite Anime Fight 2

    My favorite has got to be Himura Kenshin Vs. Seta Sojiro. Such a fun fight to watch as Sojiro was the first person to really give Kenshin a run for his money imo. Plus, I always found Sojiro to be a really interesting character was well.
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