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Thread: Favorite Anime Group

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    Wink Favorite Anime Group

    whose your favorite anime group?
    why do they stand out?
    whether it would be the good guys or the bad guys
    (just close the thread if there was already one )

    mine would be:
    the asassins of weiss kreuz
    from daytime flower boys to badass vigilantes

    genei ryodan of hunter x hunter
    awesome thieves powerful enemy

    funbari hot spring team of shaman king
    big katana, powerful chariot not to mention the big syringe

    the babes of bubblegum crisis
    who will not love mecha babes who kicks ass

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    Re: Favorite Anime Group

    Well.....maybe the bounty hunter gang of cowboy bebop. I side with both the good guys and the bad guys of Final fantasy VII. Sephiroth(ultimate bady guy) just makes the whole thing work.  8199
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