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Thread: Favorite Light Novel Adaptations

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    Favorite Light Novel Adaptations

    If you are a huge fan of Japanese Pop Culture then you know many famous anime have been adapted from light novels. Vampire Hunter D, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Trinity Blood to name some few and famous. For those of us that have read a light novel and seen its corresponding anime please tell me which you preferred and why.

    The Vampire Hunter D movies are excellent (save for the dubbing on the first one). But it does not explain how the world became as it was and it does not get to the heart of why D (his real name is not known in the light novels) is what he is. The first movie was based off volume one of the vampire hunter novels. While it was excellent I have to say that the book had much richer content. Skip Stuff of Dreams the Fifth installment. Too confusing, and little action.

    Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust was based on the third light novel Demon Death Case. The characters are the same but the story is ultered dramatically. There is no Camilla, the barbarois while vicious lack the loyalty that they display in the film. They even scheme to kill their cargo. And Meier Link's back story and her "abduction" are explained more indepth. Since the two are different you can't really compare which is better. I would say read the light novel and enjoy the movie.

    The Rage Against The Moons, And Reborn On The Mars series are well written bases for the series that we call Trinity Blood. The light novels give more detail but with two series that are being realeased at different intervals it is too easy to get lost. I would recommend the anime to any one but for those who want the back story on each character the light novels are a must. I would say the light novels are better than the series.

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    Re: Favorite Light Novel Adaptations

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    One of the problems is that very few light novels ever get translated, and those that do are hard to find. The 'Haruhi Suzumiya' light novels are being translated and published, but there are many many other series (e.g. 'RahXephon' and 'Full Metal Panic') that I haven't heard of a translation being available...

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