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Thread: Favorite Studio Ghibli work.

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    Favorite Studio Ghibli work.

    (think this goes in never made a forum topic besides SOTW soo...hope i did this right ><)
    Well I've been making sure I've watched all of there works recently, and I thought I would ask all of you to tell me what is your favorite work by them. I would love to see how each of you think of your favorite one so please tell me why its your fav and when you first saw it!

    Mine: The Cat Returns
    I love the story of this one so much. if any of you havent seen it i would suggest it right away after you've watched Whisper of the heart of course

    well not to give away to much ill put the reason why i loved it in a spoiler >.> so those that havent watched it might not be ruined from watching it XD.

     click to show spoiler

    lol that was long winded...anyway hope to hear all about your favs!

    ~Kawai Neko~ かわいネコ

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    Re: Favorite Studio Ghibli work.

    i liked cat returns
    but my favourite has to be be spirited away because it was the first studio ghibli film i watched...have been hooked since

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    Re: Favorite Studio Ghibli work.

    In accordance with our Quality Post policy, members who are not Community member or higher cannot start favorite threads. While I applaud you for doing a decent job, I have to close the thread.

    36 more posts Kitty, and you're there, just not right now.

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