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Thread: Favourite anime of 2008(must EXPLAIN WHY)

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    Favourite anime of 2008(must EXPLAIN WHY)

    now that a new year began, lets talk about what we like this year. i know its kinda hard remembering when things came out, so it doesn't need to have come out in 2008. u must have seen it in 2008.

    Favourite anime of 2008
    my fav. is code geass. great plot, complex characters, awesome animations, i loved the first theme song COLORS by FLOW. everything about it i loved.

    sadest anime moment of 2008
    i haven't watched that many animes in 2008 so its another code geass one, when lelouch killed yuffie and the "11" genocide. yuffie tried to bring everyone together.

    Fav. song of 2008
    this is a hard one...reckless fire from scryed, colors by FLOW,wonderful days from Prince of tennis. i would say colors. i kept singing that song forever.

    now what about you?

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    Re: Favourite anime of 2008(must EXPLAIN WHY)

    Sorry, theres already an active thread with a similar theme so I'll be closing this one. Thanks for trying to get participation in threads up though.

    Best Anime of 2008

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