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Thread: final fantasy or Devil may cry?

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    Re: final fantasy of Devil may cry?

    Quote Originally Posted by dark1angel View Post
    It is great to have Final Fantasy as an old school dream because this one has long hours of series rather then Devil May Cry, even though it has started from Winter in 2007.
    So my main purpose was that Final Fantasy has more series to keep up with later in the future.
    yeah realy i mean so maney serious and games heck they even made a few movies on it not to mention the ratings finalfantacy has its a strong going anime and i strongly agree its better so far tho devil may cry is good it dont have the backbone ff has.
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    Re: final fantasy or Devil may cry?

    Both is a bad idea cuz most of the time, anything that revamped into something else outside of its original format(Like a game made into a move or a movie made into a game.) comes out bad. And I don't want Devil May Cry to suffer the same fate FF did with Spirits Within...

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