Anybody here, heard of Flame of Recca? It's an awesome anime.

The main character is Recca, the title. He has a step brother Kurie. Recca's father has two wives, and Kurie's mother was jealous, so she wanted to kill the baby. But actually, it is mostly about the power, if who's gonna get it. So, Kurie was gonna kill Recca, but failed. He just made a scratch in Recca's face. And the scratch is still there, and Kurie's face got burnt in the fire.

Pls, search it if you wanna know more.
And, I recommend you watching it. It's very interesting. ^_^

1.If you did watch it, what do you think of it? Is it cool, boring, or ok?
Mine would be awesome!
2.And, what's your favorite character on it?
My #1 fvorite, is Fukko, 2nd, is Kaoru, and third is Recca. That's it for now, but I like all of them.

And, while your at it, find out which character you are like.

What Flame of Recca Character Are You? -

Mine is Fukko!!! Yeeey! My favorite character! ^_^