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Thread: Fooly Cooly who likes it

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    Re: Fooly Cooly who likes it

    Quote Originally Posted by silverskater145 View Post
    Heh. FLCL is now one of my top favorite anime. It wasn't always like that though. Back when I caught FLCL playing for the first time on Adult Swim, I didn't pay too much attention to it, nor did I like it. Nevertheless, as the series got through a couple of episodes, I found myself hooked. By the time it ended I wanted to see it again, and I was luckily able to when Adult Swim replayed the series.

    Now-a-days, I've seen the series maybe 15+ times. I find the show to have value (apart from the entertainment factor), and I enjoy picking apart the storyline, themes, and the characters. I urge everyone to take a second look at FLCL and try and find the deeper meaning behind all the obvious craziness.

    A good website to learn more about FLCL and all its intricacies is: FLCL Resource Site
    My thoughts.

    I heard about it. My friend had the soundtrack. I was not really planning it watch. But it appear on Adult Swim. Sooooo i watch. I was freaked at first but with a second try I was hooked.

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    Re: Fooly Cooly who likes it

    meh i like it but robot chicken is the bomb lol. so yah

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