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Thread: Free Anime Hosting: UNLIMITED Space & Bandwidth

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    Cool Free Anime Hosting: UNLIMITED Space & Bandwidth

    This free host I found has no limits on space and bandwidth.
    PHP, MySQL, FTP, cPanel
    And NO ADS!
    *link removed*

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    Re: Free Anime Hosting: UNLIMITED Space & Bandwidth

    There is no discussion here and advertising in threads is not allowed here.

    Attitude of AO MODS, according to beast
    Because they have obtained that level they are arrogant. You have to kep in mind when you talk about these guys they are kind of dorks who probably didn't excel at much and this is their only outlet to flex their muscles. Their egos would suffer no less so the the forum suffers some more. Watch one way or another they will probably repond to this post with a threat. But there are better forums out there. Private messege Zev.

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