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Thread: FUNimation streams 'Pretty Cure'

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    FUNimation streams 'Pretty Cure'

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    As another byproduct of the FUNimation/Studio Toei digital distribution, FUNimation is now streaming to US/Region 1 Internet clients the complete 49 episode first season of 'Pretty Cure', the 21st Century reinvention of the 'Magical Girl' genre. Unlike the dainty 'Magical Girl' series of the 1990s, the original 'Pretty Cure' started the trend of the heroines being much more physical with their opponents... This series also won a 'Notable' Anime TV series award at the Tokyo International Anime Fair for its year, ranking it among its peers as one of the best Anime TV series produced...

    Steaming Video Content is available here...
    FUNimation Videos > Shows
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    Re: FUNimation streams 'Pretty Cure'

    I'm watching episode 1 right now.

    It looks pretty good. I've wondered where I had seen those girls before. I always see the two 'Cure' girls in random places on the net but, I never got any leads when trying to find the series they're from. LOL. I'm glad I've finally got an answer.

    Arigato, Miyata-senpai! ^_^

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