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Thread: funnest line

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    funnest line

    what was the funnest thing you heard a anime character say here a example from duel master that i remember and keeping in mind duel master is a great comedy that i died laughing first time watching it.

    Hakuoh: Knight jealousy do not become you my friend
    Knight: i AM NOT jealous... ok maby a little

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    Re: funnest line

    ok there's a lot but here's the first one that came into my mind(it's taken from Full Metal Alchemist in Ep.13 when the Fuhrer accepted the combat assessment between Ed and Roy ,it's when Roy got out of the Fuhrer's meeting room - now they're walking in the hallway)
    Roy:i will abide by them for now .. until i become the Fuhrer and gain control of all the privileges in the military.
    Riza(to Roy):i believe you should refrain from making any improper statements.
    Havoc(to Roy):but why do you hold such a big goal?
    (suddenly Roy stops walking and a mysterious silence fills the place then ..)
    Roy:A stupid question ...
    when i become a fuhrer ....... all female personnel in the military WILL HAVE TO WEAR MINI SKIRTS !!!!
    it's better when animated(in show) than said in this way ...
    Life and Death are always one and the same

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