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Thread: Fustrating Anime/manga

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    Fustrating Anime/manga

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this thread but, sorri if it is.

    i'm reading the manga Nana right now [i'm on vol 8] and it is really, really fustrating me. my dad think tht if so fustrating then i shoud stop reading it , BUT I CAN'T!! its to good. my best friend gets fustrated over anime sences tht upsets her and it really funny how we both act.

    I wonder we're not the only ones?tell me!!!

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    Re: Fustrating Anime/manga

    When I was watching Suzuka I got really frustrated over the fact that Yamato couldn't decided if he had a chance with Suzuka or not. Then he picked Honoka instead and then went back to choosing Siuzuka. That really pissed me off!!!

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