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Thread: Gakuen Alice

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    Gakuen Alice

    This is a thread where you can discuss Gakuen Alice

    Does anyone here every watch the complete series??
    Does it have a second season???
    I've seen the complete episodes, but how many manga volume it have.

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    I've watched this anime last year. *smile* Gakuen Arisu- mmn.... Let me think... I've watched the anime series 'til epsd 26. But I heard it has been extended to 52 epsds. Maybe I should ask my cousin about that.. And umn... About the 2nd season, I'm not sure... I'm still waiting for news about it apart from Naruto. Also, about the manga volume- I dunno. I'm clueless.

    Oh, they said Mikan fall in love with Natsume. And who's Mikan's mother? Remember that singer who kidnapped Natsumi? He asked his ppl to checked on 'bout "on that person" some ten years ago. I think that person is refering to Mikan mother... O, and one more thing. They also said Mikan's mum was Mr. Narumi's girlfriend in the past.
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