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Thread: Gilgamesh

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    Has anyone here seen Gilgamesh (Something like that) Cause my friend (Lupas) wants to know if anyone seen or heard of it so if you have than who's your favorite character and whats your favorite episode?
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    Wink Re: Gilgamesh

    thanx K.R. 145 u r a sweetie, but i guess no one here's as big an anime fan as they claim! just a little something to get attention, seriously i bought this anime on sale @ blockbuster (I KNOW BAD PLACE TO GO) i just need 2 know a little back story. the dvd content is just to prompt sales, & being that i'm of limited funds i need to know 3 things; if the storyline's good, how many episodes, & if it's semi-child safe i.e. no nudity or horrorfing gaphic blood shed.
    I THNK ALL AO members in advance

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