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Thread: Glass Fleet

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    Glass Fleet

    Something I found while searching for something to watch. It's like a more fancy and Victorian style anime. It's mainly about a women (the people address her as a male for some reason) who tries to free people from the tyranny of an unjust empire with her army of rouges called the People's Army, but ends up in failure and ventures with a new crew that consists of pirates and marauders. It seems cool so far, only watched two episodes so far. Anyone else watch it?

    EDIT: The title I wrote was changed to Glass Feet for some reason, should say Glass Fleet, as in the title of the show.
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    Re: Glass Fleet

    i started to watch it but like u im not that far in the series. i didn't finish the the first episode yet. i have to start watching it again. i find it ok. when i first read about it, i found it interesting.

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