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Thread: Good Shojou/Shonen Ai

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    Good Shojou/Shonen Ai

    NOTE: Shojo ai centers around girl-girl relationships, and shonen ai centers around guy-guy relationships. The difference between these and Yuri/Yaoi is that Yuri and Yaoi often contain hentai scenes.

    Here are a few of my favorite shojo/shonen ai series, in no particular order.

    Sasameki Koto - This was my first shojou ai series, and I don't think I could have started off with a better one. It wasn't a masterpeice, but it was very entertaining, and perfectly depicted the pains and joys of one-sided love.

    Junjo Romantica - My first shonen ai series...though I probably should have started with something else, as there is probably one (tasteful) sex scene per episode. However, despite this, I did enjoy the series.

    Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ - This was my favorite shojou/shonen ai series. Very...er...unique story, wonderful characters, made me laugh, made me cry, etc. The best thing about Kashimashi in my opinion is that nothing is meaningless. Every character has a story, and even the beach episode had a significant storyline. Everyone should check this series out.

    Also, I did not enjoy Strawberry Panic, and I am currently watching Revolutionary Girl Utena.

    What are some of your favorite/least favorite series in the shojou/shonen ai genre?
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    Re: Good Shojou/Shonen Ai

    i'm not really into this genre...but,i've seen some...
    ghost 07...i don't know if you have seen it or not...but.it's a shounen ai anime...
    for your information,no hentai scenes involve...haha^^

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