So I went to rent Aquarion and the rental place has never heard of it.

Strike one.

After a day of convincing myself that I haven't watched anime in over a year and that I really owe it to myself to at least attempt something I'm obviously really interested in: I decided I would take the plunge and buy it.

Today I tried to do just that.

Stop 1: The regular game shop ~ used DVD section (nothing)
Stop 2: Medio!, the dork game shop ~ used DVD section, 3 aisles of anime (nothing)
Stop 3: Miyawaki DVD ~ new DVD section (8,600 yen box set for new 60 minute OVA... no series)
Stop 4: Animate ~ new DVD section (8,600 yen box set for the same OVA... no series)

Welcome to the hell that is buying anime in Japan. Not only to anime DVDs cost $1 per minute of footage, but they are perpetually out-of-print and out-of-stock.

Tomorrow I shall expand my search to Osaka. If it's not there: I am truly screwed.

As if to taunt me, the television is playing adverts for a new Aquarion pachinko game.

If it's popular enough to have a dammned PACHINKO GAME, why doesn't anyone sell it?!?!