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Thread: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

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    greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    ive been thinking to making this thread but I never had time to it is
    What is the greatest storyline in your opinion, So long story short lets get into it

    Mine would be Fullmetall alchemist
    Im just interested in alchemists and fantasy
    Also the storyline stumped me when they try to ressurect her
    but ed loses an arm and al loses his physical body

    great sig by Lasura thanks heaps

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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    I might actually agree with you on this, kurapika. FMA truly has a deep and well-built story behind it. The characters have depth to them and the story flows fluently. What's not to like

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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)


    Anime has a lot of flash, bang, distractions and interesting characters but as far as overall ~stories~ go... series' tend to be pretty drawn-out and, in the end, confusing or pointless weaksauce.

    I can't think of any that stand out against the better novels I've read except for BERSERK. BERSERK loses its way here and there, but the structure is solid, the story has legs and you never get the feeling that the author is writing blind. He knows where it's going and every revelation and character introduction takes you one step further toward that conclusion. The anime adaptation is short, but loyal... so it wins by default.

    I've read plenty of stellar manga... but a good storyline isn't what gets a show made: the ability to spin off a huge toy line, tie-in porno games and sell a liscence to other countries is.

    Movies... "The Foxes of Chirnapp" always gets me (based on a pitifully sad children's book). "Laputa: Castle in the Sky" is extremely quality storytelling. "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" and "Mononoke Hime" are both quite good for original stories. And everything by Satoshi Kon is worthy of note.

    TV series... I've seen plenty I've liked a lot... but usually it's a combination of characters I love, interesting worlds, fluid animation, decent writing and amazing soundtracks that make them noteworthy: not their overriding stories (which are usually played out, cliche, silly and/or ridiculously confusing)

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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    I could mention a lot of great(include it with an "est") anime storylines here but to cut it short an organized i will only pick one.

    Yakitate Japan!...I believe the story is unique, informative, and well thought. It is about breadmaking, and a whole lot of crazy stuff. There are lots of anime that are food-based in terms of storyline, every one of those shows are unique but yakitate is the best in my opinion. It was informative through the facts that it often exaggerated. As you watch it you will see that the show provides huge amounts of information through breadmaking, history, arts, etc...You're most likely to get the idea that most of the breadmaking facts are being exaggerated, but that's still a good thing coz the show gives you the idea that it is still a fact, just exaggerated for some purposes. Why was it well thought? Because it was unique and informative like what i've said earlier..Its uniqueness and informativeness created a solid connection that complimented each other, well thought indeed...

    I wouldn't say that the story is polished to perfection, like most anime that exceeds 20 episodes it gets lost at some points but only to a minimal note.

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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    Full Metal Alchemist and The Vision of Escaflowne ... since both are charcters journies animes so both got my choice because both got deep stories and a bit complexed ... that's me anyway ...
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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    This is a hard one... There are so many that I really love or could relate to in some way.

    I think as far as movies go, I agree with Mononoke Hime. The world it's set in is slightly real, but so full of fantasy it takes you away to another plane... And the music is gorgeous... As is the animation.

    For series... It's hard for me to pick just one. And honestly, there isn't just one that's the greatest.

    But one stood out to me recently, and that's Gurren Lagann. The characters are amazing, the animation of course is great (except for episode 4 lol!!!) and the story kept me hooked... Thank you Gainax. ^_^

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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    i dont truthfully think there is one that is the best. there may be one for each genre, and i think it would go like this:
    weird, goth awesome:
    because it's weird, goth and awesome
    DBZ, naruto, bleach:
    because it's action packed, and cool
    i mean.. this could go on forever..

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    Re: greatest Anime story line in your opinion ( must explain why)

    I'd say Shakugan no Shara season1. (havent seen season 2 yet) This World totally unknown to the ordinary people except for chosen souls called mistes and the so called Flame Hazes. Flame Hazes fight to keep peace and the balance to the world steady, meanwhile evil souls tries constantly to corrupt and destroy it for their own goals. The plot interests me the most since its a twist of Love and Heavy action. The characters are a little unordinary in several aspects and at the same time keeping a "normal compesture" towards the red thread through season 1, these specific characters makes the plot more funny and gives spice to the otherwise dark storyline.

    So my votes for Shakugan no Shana

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