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Thread: gundam seed destiny

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    gundam seed destiny

    After watching gundam seed i got hooked on the storyline and the characters so i was sad when it ended but imagine my surprise when years later i find out that the characters are back in a second series called gundam seed destiny. I was just wondering has anyone watched it and can you tell me the general storyline to this series and new characters and their love interests? Also taking into consideration that ive only seen like 3 episodes of the destiny series i spotted a man who looks like mu la flaga so if anyone can tell me if he is alive that would be very much appreciated, thank you

    thank you equinn

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    Re: gundam seed destiny

    R u sure that u want any spoilers? If u do, I'll put them inta spoiler tags for u. First off Destiny was a bit of a dissappointment compared ta SEED, although the MSes were very kool. Anywho, Destiny was a bit more like the Zeta series than the original SEED was like the original Gundam. Well here's some of those spoilers for u;
     click to show spoiler
    Well there u go, hope it doesn' spoil things too much for u. If u would like ta learn more jus' go ta and read the summaries of the various episodes there.

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    Re: gundam seed destiny

    Grumble Grumble Grumble

    We already have a persistent 'Gundam Seed' discussion thread in our Gundam Forum...

    Gundam SEED discussion

    Duplicate thread topic... Closing...
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