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Thread: Gungrave anime

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    Gungrave anime

    This is a great anime it is 26 episode long its has a great story and people in it are not like gods in fight everybody has a chance to beat the char. The only bad char. in it is bob poundmax cause he is not very smart i mean he puts hes missile to where people can shoot him and hes power's are not very cool there very nasty. And grave is one of the best shooter's in the show

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    Re: Gungrave anime

    yea i love gungrave it is the coolest anime ever in my book
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    Re: Gungrave anime

    Yea bob is a pretty bad character but he is far from dumb. Think of it this way do you see our jets and other flying vehicles of war hiding their missles not really. Its just nobody really thinks about shooting them. I think the anime was great. Like many great anime's though to short. I would like a good long series like dragon ball z.

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    Re: Gungrave anime

    MARK YOUR SPOILERS! (and use punctuation for shit sake!)

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    Re: Gungrave anime

    ah how should i put this gungrave is hhmmmm so awsome i have no words its got better gun slinging then tri-gun and makes you on your toes watching it
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