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If you guys want to watch a more twisted plot i would suggest you to watch .hack//roots. In this series haseo a black multi-weapon character wants to avenge the death of shino, due to this shino is in a coma in the real world, thus haseo wants to kill Tri-edge, he was the one that pked shino. Pked means the same as to kill anybody in the world.
Yeah but i am eps13 in youtube but they took them away. The anime get licesde.I try luppery.com but the damm words are the sizes of any ant or smaller.Anyways just to add some facts to ur info Tr-edge date-drain shino reason she is in a coma.And now Haseo is looking for him to kill him{brainless person sometimes,he can be}and get some info to get shino out of the coma or he is hopeing that after he kills tr-edge{look atlike Kite which was use in the beta verions of the world:R2}she cames out of coma.

P.S.I hat waiting for my copy of G.U.