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Thread: Happy or Sad endings

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    Question Happy or Sad endings

    So which one do you prefer? Most of the time I like happy endings but there comes a rare time when I think it's good having a sad ending. To bad I usually it up on the verge of tears but I think they can be good too.
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    It all depends on the anime. Or anime movie for that matter. If the whole anime was rather somber, like Grave of the Fireflies, then it would be inappropriate to have a happy ending, as it would make more sense to end a somber movie/anime on a depressing note, thereby strengthening the movie's/anime's theme.

    Then again, if there was a happy anime, take Lucky Star for instance, it wouldn't make much sense to end the anime with a depressing episode, as you would want the finale to be as happy as every other episode.
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    As long as there is an ending and not open ended like Trigun or Witch Hunter Robin I'm ok either way. Cowboy Bebop is one of the exceptions because I would like to believe that he survived and continued bounty hunting.
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    NeoDeath90 got a point there. Its base on the knid of movie/show your watching. It the kind of message the director/creator is trying to point out.
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    well that depend on the story of the anime ... there is many animes that you wish the main character die like Scrapped Princess XD i wished if Pasifica die if did the anime will have a good ending and that is the same for all the animes ^_^ ... =^_^=
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    I think that sad endings get better ratings because they are the most memerable.I love sad endings they always makem me feel better for some odd reason
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    As the most say...
    It depends on the anime show...
    And the storyline...
    I dont know if you saw Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2...
    And the ending...It was really sad...
    But yet beautiful..I cried but still the ending was good...
    And with some storylines I want to see happy endings...
    Cause there is already to much drama and that kinda stuff in it...
    Like Gundam Wing and the Seed series...
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    Re: Happy or Sad endings

    I like sad endings. They stick with me longer. Everyone seems to want a happy ending, so there seem to be more of those. As a consequence, those all blur together in my mind. So what makes me really sit up and take notice is a beautiful sad (or even bittersweet will do) ending.
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