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OK, you are forgiven. : smile : : smile : But, I see no need for you to be apologetic over something so trivial such as this! (-.⌒)

~!!! Future Boy Conan, huh? I have heard of it. I believe that I was told that it's sort of similar to Laputa: Castle in the Sky, or the characters at least, so I shall take a look into it. Thank you for your suggestion.
I am forgiven, and you tell me that no apology was necessary, yet you have that angry face in your reply -_-;;

And yes, you have heard right - Laputa has some similarities with Future Boy Conan. It was my first thought when I saw Laputa's preview trailer, since I got to watch Future Boy Conan first. In both stories, a boy and a girl serve as the leading characters, with the boy always trying to save the girl from being captured by the enemies. It was also mentioned to me before that Hayao Miyazaki even directed some of the episodes of Future Boy Conan.