Hi all I need some help to find a movie, I was a kid when I saw it im now 32
years young, it might also be close to a cartoon but manga/anime fits its type too. heres what I remember:

It starts with people in a cave like place and they are slaves, an old man
gets killed/saved from a big rock falling on him by the movie hero. He the
hero escapes out of slavehood and the cave and goes to the rest of the
movie. One part I remember is the hero is traveling and he comes accross 2
or 3 half human half robot people, they have different parts of people as
body parts and want to kill the hero for more body parts but of course he
escapes them. Somehow at the end he saves his family and the people who are slaves and it ends there.

That is all I can remember of it.... dose any of this seem like a movie that
would be about 27 years old now?

Thanks in advance