Hey everyone! A couple months ago i was watching this anime online, and I just remembered about it a couple days ago, and cannot find it again I searched for hours, anyways I will give a description of the first episode I watched... Pls tell me the name if you know.. Btw I only watch anime on realitylapse.com, anime4iphone.com, and anime here.com. Lol here is the description..

It's about this guy who is an amazing artist and this guy in his class wants him to become a mangaka, cause the guy mentioned, couldn't draw.. So in order to convince the main charachter to become a mangaka he tells the main charachter that he will go to the house of the girl the main character likes, and will confess unless the main charachter agrees to become a mangaka... He refused. The main charachter goes to that said house with thr guy, and in order to make sure the guy doesn't confess, he talks to the girl he likes instead... And randomly he asked the girl to marry him.. Surprisingly the girl accepts, but on one condition, they only get married if the grow up to what they both want to be in life first.

The main character originally didn't want to become a mangaka because his uncle was in the same situation as him, but later on, the uncle's girl he liked got married, so the uncle killed himself or something...

Anyways. If anyone knows the name of this anime i would be so happy!! Anyways, thanks in advance!